Magaluf Reunion


As the saying goes the tans will fade but the

memories will last forever....

We've always said its only the real party people that head to Magaluf, that why the newspapers love writing about the place and people like you but that's what makes it so special year after year.... and let's get this straight, for 300,000 of you who partied with us this summer- you did Magaluf proud!! Just when you think you've seen all Magaluf has to offer, you crazy lot turn up and just take the resort to a whole new level!!!!

Magaluf 2017 was certainly one to remember... from lazy sunny days shaking off hangovers to the unbelievably crazy nights of stumbling down the strip with your friends on holiday somehow become family...

This summer saw some amazing events from the islands biggest boat party- Sunset Booze cruise parties once again completely taking over the Mediterranean to its new VIP night time yacht 'devocean' with champagne sprays- these are without doubt to be huge for 2018!!!

Who can forget the incredible acts at 'Stage'..... who were you lucky enough to see?

And let's be honest the incredible MCP paint parties and foam parties will stay long in the memory! What happens in the foam definitely stays in the foam...

We can sit here for hours listing our highlights but We are sure you made your own amazing memories in Magaluf this summer...

So grab your Magaluf squad and contact all those people who helped make your holiday what is was! Whether it's the guys you met in your hotel, the girls on the strip or even the one you had a cheeky holiday romance with and let's all get together for one last unforgettable night!

Make sure you join the Facebook group The Magaluf Reunion as we count down the days till we all reunite for one last incredible night

Leeds has become the spiritual home for UK Magaluf reunions for the past twenty years! Incredible atmosphere, electric nightlife and it always brings in an amazing crowed.... perfect for the Maga 2017 Squad!

Can't wait to see you all again in September!